Fill data in website from excel sheet where number of fileds are dynamic

Hi. I have a use case where i have to fill data in a web form using an excel sheet. The problem is that the excel has more than one sheet and the website has multiple sections. I’m attaching SS for better understanding.

As you can see in the SS, website has multiple layers like(customer_location,LCP_cabinets etc.). Now, i have sheet1 for ‘‘customer_location’’, sheet2 for ‘‘LCP_cabinet’’ and so on. For each layer we have ‘Add Point’ option. But, since each layers have different number of fields and the column names are different for each layer how do i fill the points.

Hi @raviranjan,

After clicking that layer field you can fill and click add point or try with switch case if the layer is Customer_Locations do this.
Try this

Hi @raviranjan

Problem 1st : Excel having multiple sheets
You can try two methods for this

  1. For fetching all the details from a single sheet , you can use Copy Paste Range Activity and read all the details from a single sheet.
  2. You can read two excel sheets separately and merge that using Merge Data Tabel Activity.

Problem 2nd: Dynamic Web Page
If the web format is in Table Format, you can use Data Scraping and fetch the table details even if it is dynamic, for the Add Point button you can probably use Next in Web Scraping. (Next is the next page which comes as an option during scraping)

Goutham Vijay

The problem is filling data in the web form. I have already extracted data from the excel sheets. And i have also located the respective “Add point” button for the corresponding sheet. The data i’ve extracted from the excel is stored in an array(different sheet have different array). Now i want to know how to iterate over the array and fill that data one by one in the form.