Fill color special text in rows of excel file

Hi Everyone.

I have excel file with one column… I want to read row by row to find special text in rows. I have done this but I want to fill color for this special text.

How to do that ?

Exp: A1 text “Hello Everyone” … I have found special text “one”, but how to do fill color “red” for “one” word ?

Thanks you!

use set color activity under if activity…


Hi Bro.

If output of special text is “dtout” …which command to change color for this ?

The set range color activity not used in this case.

Test.xaml (13.2 KB)
Refer this flow…


Hi Bro @Shubham_Akole

Could you pls send full project include excel file to me ?

Thanks in advance.

I think your file will fill color cells which contains special word.

I only want to fill special text, not fill color cell .

Thanks you very much!