Fill a web from Excel data


I’m trying to fill up a web page with some excel information. Is it posible to do it automatically?
My point is, we receive an excel in our outlook, we download it, and we start to fill a web page. Once it has been done send a message to the user saying, your information have been correctly saved.

do you think is that posible?


Following are the Activities to be used

  1. Get Outlook Mail messages
  2. Save Attachments
  3. Read Range (in datatable)
  4. Store dt values in variables using foreach (4 and 6 might go together)
  5. Open Browser (url)
  6. Type Into (variables)
  7. close tab
  8. Send Outlook mail Message

I mean it is possible…


Is it a way we can see contents after reading the excel rows?

Use Output datatable Activity --> Pass your data table as Input and String Variable as Output.

In my case the CSV doc is already in open state so, when I try reading the file it throws an error “File is opened by another user”.
How can we read an open CSV file?

You can use an excel application scope and check visible option.

Thanks, It’s working.

Hi Anjali,
Could you please share your xaml file? I need to refer it. Thanks

Can you please share some xaml file for us to follow and try it out.
I have searched everywhere on the internet for the solution but no help

Could you please share that xaml file
thank you