File's that is stored inside a Folder that is inside a List in Sharepoint

Hi Guys!

I am trying to get the File’s metadata that is stored inside a Folder that is inside a List in Sharepoint.

I tried with Read List Item and I can access just to the list, I cannot access to the folder.

Also I tried with get Children, but with this I just can get the file name and not the metadata.

Any idea?

Hi, what are you using to try this? Is that really a List or a Library?

Is a list that inside have folders, and I need to access to one of that folder and read the metadata.

ok, but you said you want to read a File? is it an Item inside a folder? or you want information about the folder itself?

I want to read the metadata in sharepoint, I need to know who saved the file in sharepoint.

See if this is what you need, i used the following Caml query to filter using a folder in activity Read list items:

"<Query><Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='FileDirRef' /><Value Type='Lookup'>/sites/intranet/Lists/aniversariantes/test</Value></Eq></Where></Query>"

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thanks very much! That’s works

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