File upload window - How to select all files exept one

Hi. I have a file upload window where I need to select all files exept one. The name of the file to exclude are always the same and the upload window are pointing to correct location by deafault. Can anyone help me?

Hi @Zlotzky
By upload file. Do you mean move files to a certain location excluding a certain file?

It’s a file select window
Just as exampel picture.

I need to select all possible files but one. I have tryed to click and send a window shortcut key ctrl-A but cant get it to work. And then I need to de-select the file in top that always have the same name (picture are not mine, just grabed on of the internet)

Hi @Zlotzky

Image below is my files

I want to print out all the other except the WordReplace.txt
In your case you wont be printing them out. You will be uploading them excluding the one you don’t want to be uploaded

Add an assign
With and strArray value
Directory.GetFiles(“FolderName”).Except(Directory.GetFiles(“FolderName”,“The file you want to exclude.txt”)).ToArray

Last step loop through them. In your case you will upload each one excluding the one you don’t want to upload

Let me know if you need any help

Attached will be an example (3.1 KB)

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