File paths and variables not displayed in activities from downloaded Workflows

Hello, I have been going through all of the academy courses once again to learn the new platform (coming from 2017).

I have noticed when I download the process and open it, none of the file paths for the invoke workflows are displayed in the activities nor are any of the arguments displayed in the activities they would correlate to.

Yet if I run the process, it works, in both debug mode and a normal run. So it looks like Studio reads them being there but they are displayed like they are empty for me. I have seen this multiple times. Has anyone else encountered this? Any know what the fix is?

I have attached examples, keep in mind the process still works as it should.
The process you will see is from the data service practice from the data service course.

Update, for the invoke workflows the workflow path is in the properties panel. It seems like what you would see in the sequence are listed in the properties panel for each activity, it’s just not displaying on the activity itself.


Finally, uninstalled and reinstalled with no side effects. Everything is displaying as it should.

Installed stable edition vs beta.

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