File path with quotes in it

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How can I assign this file path/target to a variable?

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Unik System Design as\UnikBolig4.exe” /DBID=Ekstra

I need to be able to run it in either the Start Process activity or Windows Run.

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use a string variable named like
out_text = “C:\Program Files (x86)\Unik System Design as\UnikBolig4.exe”

Then you are right use start process and pass this variable like this buddy

Hope this would help you


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Hi Palaniyappan

Maybe it’s me that do not understand your solution, but what about the ‘/DBID=Ekstra’.

This needs to go in the variable too

Buddy @ChrisPals may i know what does that mean ‘/DBID=Ekstra’. is that something related to database

Sorry i didn’t get that anytime before


Yeah I believe it defines which database the application should use.

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But i hope its not needed buddy @ChrisPals , try with this because ultimately we have the exe file that we want to get executed, so the path till exe is more than enough and last segment looks like arguments and you can pass the same in arguments input if you want like this “/DBID=Ekstra”, else don’t pass that argument and try buddy that would work


Short answer would be to embed the quotes. You can do so by using 2 doublequotes inside your outer quotes. Like this:
"""C:\Program Files (x86)\Unik System Design as\UnikBolig4.exe"" /DBID=Ekstra"
you can test this output with Write Line or Message Box too, just to be sure.

My mistake, I think for the activity in UiPath, you need to place the switch in the Arguments. check out this discussion: Start Process or Open Application > Argument Property Syntax Question - #2 by florin.stan



Did that work for you buddy @ChrisPals

Yes @Palaniyappan, I figured it out by looking at the topic @ClaytonM referenced.

Thank you both for the answers, it helped a lot.

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