File lost while processing

I was debugging a file in a For Each loop. It’s a fairly simple process that reads a PDF and performs some actions in a website based on that information. When done, it moves the file to another file location and moves to the next file. I stopped the process halfway through just one file, before it would have moved. After stopping the process, the file is nowhere to be found. It’s not in any of the file locations it was or would be if the process was finished. It’s not in the recycle bin. If anyone has any idea what could have happened to the file, I would love to know. This is a major problem if this is a bug.

can you attach the xaml file here?

Since there is some sensitive information, I can’t unfortunately. I was testing on one file, and using the “step into” debugger. The only interaction with the file was to read the pdf into a variable. All string manipulations were done to the variables using the data from the readPDF activity. I terminated the process after determining that it was behaving as expected, and before the workflow reached any point where it would move the file.