File is replaced while saving attachment

I have to save shown attachments from outlook but each time I used " save attachments" activity it only brings up two attachments one of excel and other is document. Because of same names of document file it is replacing it. but I don’t want to replace it I want them all. What should I do?

Hi @nashrahkhan

you can add date and time stamp while saving, it wont replace every time.


I have tried it, its not working. because in a loop if mail gets into save attachment activity. It saves all at once without going into another activity. As its not considering any activity so we have do something with save attachment activity. But there is no option over that we can use.

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Hello, this should fix your issue :slight_smile:

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Hey @nashrahkhan

Here is the simple workaround for you. Make sure you just add timestamps to attachments before you save.

Hope this helps

Thanks :slight_smile:

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thank you so much its working fine with this :slight_smile:

And instead of save attachment activity it should be inside the for each loop of the attachment.

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