File download requirements suggestion

Hi Expert,

I would like to get your suggestion that current my workflow is waiting for the download complete for the purchase orders file from browser. I tried loop for waiting time until it is complete and done. This part is ready.
But what my activity needed is sometime the download will not have file download from the website if there is no purchase orders. Then my activity is not working on this. I can’t combine these two scenarios

  1. File is not downloaded (if there is no purchase orders even download button is clicked)
  2. File download (has purchase orders)
  3. Waiting for the file to download is finished (If browser is downloading)

Hi Buddy,

Welcome to community, Could you please let me know which browser you are using and also what is the approx download time if file available.

Hi Ganesh,

Its from Chrome browser, downloading file time can’t be approximate and sometime just a few seconds and sometimes more than minutes.
Another problem is if there is no file to be download there won’t be any files for waiting looping process.

Ok I have a temporary suggestion for the looping process.

Set the loop as the initial draft current time minute and loop it for 5 minutes,
If 5 minutes exceed then exit from the loop and add it as a business rule exception.