File Diff - Is there a executable or CLI to open File Diff where 2 files can be passed as arguments?

Firstly, Kudos for implementing the File Change/Diff Management tool. :+1: in UiPath 2019 Fast Track Preview (Community Edition v2019.2.0)

I would like to know if there is a way to launch the File Diff tool either as a Executable or CLI where I can pass 2 xaml files as arguments.

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Hi @libinv

For now you can only compare two different versions of the same file. But we are working on improving this feature in the next releases, thanks for the suggestion.

In the next release we are working on a feature that allows you to compare 2 different files from within the same project. Would this help?

:+1: That would be great, I guess you are restricting it to the same project because of the package dependencies/definitions.

However, I hope you would be working towards, a simple tool like UIExplorer, where one would pass 2 pass files regardless of the project/path.

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