File change trigger should say which file changed

I have a use case from a client that would require a “Filename” output property for our File change trigger activity.

The client is monitoring a huge file structure to see when a file is added to any of their multiple subdirectories. Once a file is added, they’ll have to manipulate the file, but our activity as it exists does not provide any way for the user to get the name of the file that changed. They can only see that a file has been added, but not which file.

The client has been working for at least a month, using invoke code and trying to create custom activities as a workaround. Other UiPath users have requested this change as well (FileChangeTrigger - Get the name of the file which caused the trigger). It makes sense as our File change trigger activity seems a bit useless without this property.

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Client makes this suggestion: “When I decompiled the code I could see that a simple change in the UiPath.Core.Activities.FileChangeTrigger class might do the trick. It seems to me that instead of having this class inherit from NativeActivity, it should instead inherit from NativeActivity where TResult could be the “object args” being sent to the Event_Trigger method.”

Maybe we can have something similar to Get source element but for file.