File Access Denied

Hi Team
It’s quite often that I encounter a problem that a folder created by studio denies access. The only solution I have is to reboot Pc, then folder either disappear or become accessible.
Any ideas?

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Please help me. I am having a similar problem. While doing the assignment 2-Generate Yearly Report, The monthly CSV files are getting saved in a path in the system by Robot. But, unable to delete those files as I get “Access Denied” error. However, once I restart the machine, the files which I tried deleting are getting lost.
Please help me delete those files.
Appreciate your help in this regard.

try killing the process by a KILL PROCESS ACTIVITY and then delete…

@amithvs let me kkow Which process do I kill?

Tried killing the IE browser and found that the files got deleted. Surprised why this is behaving this way. Anyways,Thanks for your help!

try killing excel