Figure out exactly where error occurred on someone else's machine


So once we build a robot for someone and we deploy it to the end user using orchestrator we sometimes run into the robot breaking. The breaks are common breaks that any automation would face (cant find selector etc).

Is there a way to find out at exactly what element the break occurred on someone else’s machine? When we run it through studio on our own machine, it tells you exactly where it breaks which is great. More tricky once deployed. We are spending a lot of time debugging when its on someone else’s machine. Most of the time is looking for the exact bug. This is especially painful if the bug happened in a try catch.

How do you efficiently isolate where the bug occurred once it is deployed and someone else is running the bot through the robot tray?

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@Asanka, have you tried this:

In the orchestrator that the bot is connected to, under **monitoring, click jobs **. on a specific job you can click the vertical elipses and select view logs. You should also be able to expand each log and see more details on what happened with the bot.

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If that is attended then also you get logs on orchestrator database , you can easily check that . If you using ELK then kibana will have the logs for better view

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Can one of you please post what a log looks like? I just want to see how easy it is to understand

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It is similar to the log messages you insert during process development

Attended robot

So if there was an error what would it say? I need to know exactly where in the workflow it broke

You need to log the messages while writing the code , use writeline activity to log messages in the orchestrator logs , you can log the exception so you will know at which step it failed and what is the exception