Fieldglass (SAP) browser selectors

Hi all,

I would like to know whether someone else ever worked with Fieldglass SAP selectors before.
As I am trying to do the following:

Opening an Excel file with values, putting those values into variables, and pasting the variables into (Windows Explorer browser) Fieldglass SAP input fields. For me, it actually works, HOWEVER, it is very slow. It takes ages to actually fill in input fields (i used “set text” activity in UiPath).

These fields in the following link are 1:1 the same as we need to populate with UiPath, if you press “Doorgaan” you get a form which you can fill in:

Does anyone know how to fill in these input fields in a fast manner via UiPath?

Thanks in advance.

Works fine with IE. Which browser you’re using?
For me Firefox is extremely slow (but everywhere, not this site related).

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This is very weird, as I tried it at a laptop of my colleague.
Hers work normally as well… Very weird, exactly the same uipath project.

We use both IE. Maybe a reinstall of uipath would work.

Thanks for testing!!!