Field verification


I am building a bot that has to check 3 fields are filled before it proceeds:
IF 3 fields are populated then bot continues
IF ANY of the 3 fields are empty bot stops.

I am thinking to do an IF statement with image exists for each individual field, would this be the best way? As below:

Image exists for field 1 (Image of field empty) —> IF empty then stop, IF Filled then continue
Next Image exists for field 2 (etc…)

Hi @Adeel_Ahmed,

If it is possible consider using Get Text Activity instead of image exists and use the same conditions on text value.


Image activities are to be used just as last resort, you should use get text and IF condition to see if the output has text or not.

@YAZIDI @bcorrea
Thanks for the reply

How would i use get text in this scenario? As get text will grab the text and store it in a variable that i can then display elsewhere?

Hi @Adeel_Ahmed,

You can use the text variable in a IF condition like so:

textVar IsNot Nothing Or textVar <> String.Empty

if this statement is true then continue process


as i said after the get text put the value in a variable, you will use a IF condition with like “Not variable is nothing”

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