Field in form that accepts only numbers

I have a process with a form and I need a field to accept only numbers. How do I do it?

@Marisa_Ontiveros You can use a Text Field and use a regex validator to accept only Numbers. Also there is a Number component.

How can I use the regex validator to accept only numbers? Where and what do I have to put?

@Marisa_Ontiveros When you Open the Form Designer and use a Text Field, In the Validation Tab, there is a Regular Expression Input to be given, If you provide [0-9]* in that field, it will only accept Numbers

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Thank you very much, it worked. And for example, what can we put to accept only the email format? Thank you

@Marisa_Ontiveros Considering the emails to be enter you can modify the regex as per your need, But it mostly includes @ in between two Section of Words.
You can go with an expression like this :

or this seems to be the best one according to Google :