Field Control cannot be read when the XAML is moved to another PC


I just made some demo process of a simple Read Control - Check Button - Write in another field. Everythings works fine when I was using my old laptop, now that I try to do the same in brand new laptop the fields are not being read (Activity Get Attribute).

I’m using the Community Version (File Version 2016.2.6344). There is any “lock” in this version that doesn’t allow to move my development from one machine to another?

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Does both Laptops has same software /hardware configuration.?


Yes, they have the same software/hardware configuration. And they are trying to access the same webpage.



Is it Internet Explorer?


Yes, it is Internet Explorer.


Maybe try this: UI elements missing in Notepad
…and make sure you’re running UiPath and the IE app with the same elevation rights (both admin or user mode)

Hi @badita,

Using the info in the post I add more information to the field controls and now the UI Path can read the fields control in both machines.

Thanks You so much for your help.