Fie name should to dynamic?

i have a path name"C:\Users\sl\Downloads\Report-IEX-(0)-22-12-2019.xlsx"…in this file name Report-IEX-(0)-22-12-2019.xlsx want to dyanmic…after Report-IEX-(0)---------(0) always changed…thats means some time it will-(9)- or -(5)-
so how can it would be dyanmic??


Get the variable part in a variable and then add it to the file name

Variablepath = the variable parameter

Filepath = path.combine(“C:\Users\sl\Downloads\Report-IEX-“, Variablepath)

Hi @suneel070

Using Assign activity to get the dynamic files.

FilePath= Path.Combine(“C:\Users\sl\Downloads”,“Report-IEX-” + VariableName )


If we want to create a path then
Hope this expression will help you resolve this
str_FilePath = Path.Combine(“C:\Users\sl\Downloads\Report-IEX-(”,counter.ToString,")-22-12-2019",".xlsx")

even that date part can be inserted dynamically like this
str_FilePath = Path.Combine(“C:\Users\sl\Downloads\Report-IEX-(”,counter.ToString+")-"+Now.ToString(dd-MM-yyyy),".xlsx")

Cheers @suneel070