Few question about iterate an array

Hi all!
I’ll try to do an hackaton online, but i’ve a little doubt…
I’ve read a csv file, and if i print the DataTable this is the output:
Now i’ve think to split by (";") and iterate array, then type into a web site Owen as first name, Mcdonald as last name, etc…
In for each i’ll do a multiple assign but i’m not able to assign the exact value. I’ll try initialize index with 7, and assign varName arrSplitted(index), varLastname(index+1) and at the end assign index + 7, can you help me pls?


It looks like you’re reading the CSV like a text document… You’ll need to split the CSV by lines (rows), giving you an array of delimited string lines (each index is a Row of the CSV) and then you can split each index again on the delimiter ; giving you the individual cells of the row.

Below is a very loose whiteboardish version of what you could do to handle this

strVar = ReadCSV(CSVPath);
String[] csvArr = Split(strVar, vbCrLf);
Foreach(string str in csvArr){
    String[] tempArr = Split(str, ";");
    //Here your tempArr(0) and tempArr(1) will correspond to the First/Last Name from the image above
    TypeInto(tempArr(0), selector1);
    TypeInto(tempArr(1), selector2);