Fetching just a particular part of a json row


We keep in mind that we grab the entire line:
where only a part contains a number portion

So we we would not extract the line as an int32


Thanks used the regex function. Seems to find the value.

But is calls me an error, ok got it putted a value.

Startet my Program and it fetched me a 0. Dont know why. Do i need more than the matching function?


sorry for the late reply
Is Text Matching activity gives boolean output
Use Find Matching Patterns activity
In Patter property give Regex code
In Text to search in property give JSON text file as input
In First Match create output variable

Regex Code:

(?<=Your Orderd verification number is\:\s+)\d+


You have shared another json file in this there is no
“Your Orderd verification number is: 3522”
DUgen.txt (1.4 KB)

Hey thanks for ur reply.

Yes I saw the json wasn’t complete as the sms code messages prompts after I received a phonenumber from the provider. I copyd the json before the process.

So let me get ur point.

I use the matching pattern and change the credentials as mentioned.

My Regex is this : (?<=Your Orderd verification number is:\s+)\d+

Die extracts me my number value.

What do I have to put after the regex function?


After Regex Expression give that output variable in message box then see it


Is it working?

Hey unfortunately I wasn’t able to try yet.

I will try in the evening 9pm est. and will let u know.

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