Fetching data from any source is slow - Cloud Orchestrator

Greetings everyone,

I am working on a project where I have to fetch data from external source like excel file.
UiPath App fetches data by invoking a process which has a duration of 1 second.
But loading the data takes around 20 seconds in the best scenario.

I am using Cloud Orchestrator and the robot is installed on a different virtual machine.
Execution is seamless but the data is loaded/retrieved in 20 seconds.

Is anyone else facing the same issue?

I have seen a lot of youtube videos but they are on the same machine hence immediate retrieval is done.

Thanks in advance.


Check the logs by placing log message activity and check which activity is taking time, by this you may get to know

Hope this may help you


The activity immediately starts. the process take 00:00 time.