Fetch the data from excel and display it on message box

Hi All,

I am learning a Uipath and practicing one scenario as mentioned below.

I have an excel sheet which has details like Customer Name, Bank Name, Account No, Credit Card No, Pin No, Balance etc…

What to accomplish: Display the message box with content as Dear customer, name your balance is balance amount
Example: Dear customer, John your balance is 50,000.00

I could achieve till the message on message box as “Dear customer, name of the customer”.
Not getting, how to display the entire message as mentioned in above example.

I am attaching the excel sheet and xaml file. Can some one please guide me to achieve this ?
Fetch_Each_Record_From_Excel.xaml (6.8 KB) BankData.xlsx (9.2 KB)

Hello @DeepakPhalak
Go through it

Mail Merge snippet

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