Fetch review details from multiple URL

I need to extract review count and review comments from multiple URL. But I’m getting same values in all iteration of URLs. How can i scrap and fetch review details.

Can you please be more specific in the description of your problem?
Are the multiple URLs of the same website, having same HTML structure? Maybe your selector is somehow matching an already open tab repeatedly?
Will you be able to post screenshots?

Attaching 2 screenshots.
I think HTml structure is different and website is same.

Looking at these two screenshots, I notice that the header bar is different in colour, but the URLs suggest that one is a ‘Providers’ result and another is ‘Physician’ (notice the URI following the .com extension)

See if you can test two entities of same type - two physicians or two providers and still get duplicate results.

@codenameCata, Can you elaborate the solution?

Tried dynamically fetching values from Selector.In some activities. selector editor isn’t editable.selector editor
Also It shows error ‘cannot find UI element’