Fetch on behalf of email id from outlook

When an email is sent from group email box some mails are popping up in below format
Srikanthg@abc.com on behalf of internationalgroup@abc.com(Group email ID)
If I use mailobject.sender or mailobject.from I am getting Srikanth@abc
How can i fetch on behalf of email address here.

Hello @Arun1 - AFAIK you can’t natively perform this action from SMTP, Outlook or any other Get mail options.

The only workaround I can help you with is the following:

  • Get the Original sender’s name or email.
  • Check if it’s a part of the sender’s name containing “on behalf of” substring.
  • If there is this data, you can replace all the other data with double quotes (null) and you only get the Behalf portion.

Let me know if this works for you!

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Take a look inside of the MailMessage.Headers property to see what you find.