Fetch Excel row data based on condition

Hi Team,

I have an excel data with below columns

I am trying to fetch Vendor wise data and copy into datatable. I am able to copy only the first row of Vendor data But I need to copy all the rows that comes under one vendor like below

From the above screenshot, I am taking Venor A data. it needs to copy data from A2 to G3

Similarly, for vendor B, I want copy data from B4 to G4
Similarly, for vendor C, I want copy data from C5 to G7
similarly, for vendor D, I want copy data from D8 to G8 and so on…

Please find attached test excel file for your reference.
Test_vendor.xlsx (9.9 KB)

Please suggest me how to do it.

Eshwar Sai

Greetings @Eshwar_Sai1 , Welcome to UiPath Community!

As per you requirement I have created one workflow which is working fine. Please have a look in the excel file and project attached below!
Test_vendor.zip (18.3 KB)

Happy Automation!

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Thank you @AKM_Robinuzzaman

@Eshwar_Sai1 if that resolved your issue please mark the post as solution.


Hi @AKM_Robinuzzaman , I have seen your solution. It looks good. But it was developed for only 4 vendors. But the count may go upto N numbers.

In that case, I need to handle for multiple Vendors. Currently, it has only 4 vendors i.e., A,B,C D. But later it may have more than 4. So any other possible solutions to handle for N number of Vendors?

Please share your thoughts / advise on the same.

Thank you once again

@Eshwar_Sai1 if the vendors name and number are specific, then you might have a general solution for this problem but if they are not specific might make the task a little bit difficult.

But for known numbers of vendor you can extend the solution from Vendor D from my workflow and follow the same pattern, I hope you will achieve you desired output.


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Thanks for your quick help @AKM_Robinuzzaman I will look into the other way possible for N numbers