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I need to find the no of “error” words in a web page but the challenge is. I have today’s date for eg: 18/03/2022 infront of the there will be error words I need to get count of only that words. I have almost 10 rows like this
18/03/2022: error followed by some statements
18/03/2022: error followed by some statements
10 rows like this

Can someone suggested me how can I achieve this.

Thank you.

Hi @sanjay_gowda ,

Could you provide us with a Screenshot of the Web Page containing the above error words.

We might be able to use Data Scraping or Find Children Activity to get the Required Statements.

Also if Possible, Could you post the Selector of one of the Error Statements that you need to count.

hi @sanjay_gowda ]

try with that

StringVariable.Count(Function (x) x.Equals(”error"c)) will return the count as Int32

also if each of them are rows you can simply pass the row and check if it have the error word and then increase a counter to get the sum of all your rows


@sanjay_gowda You can extract that data using screen scraping or data scraping. Now, you can apply regex to get that error count


Please find the regex login in below workflow

Regex.zip (2.5 KB)

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