Fetch data from data table

Hi Everyone ,

Can anyone please let me know how to fetch data from data table .

I have an excel file with distribution lists (there are three columns in excel file - Division , To_email, CC_email )

I’m writing data from excel sheet to data table using read range activity .

now can anyone please let me know how to fetch data corresponding to each division , I.e To_email and CC_email .

here I’m passing division as dynamic data .

I have attached sample excel file , can anyone please help .Distribution List (1).xlsx (15.5 KB)

@priya_joshi_thaneti Use For each row and give input as datatable variable, Inside loop row(0).ToString Gives Divison Value
row(1).ToString Gives To Value
row(2).ToString Gives Cc Value

Each time loop run u will get new values from each row

Could you please let me know the code for relating the three columns.

@priya_joshi_thaneti Please Find below for workflow.

distribution-------.xaml (12.0 KB)

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Refer the code below.

Main.xaml (10.9 KB)

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@Manjuts90 @Uthraa

Thank you so much for your prompt response