Fetch column and row number of a calendar day



How to get Column and row number of a calendar date in excel?
Eg. Suppose my date is 26-May-17 so I should get row number=5 and column number=5


Are you able to click on the date in excel?


The screenshot is not from the excel, in order to show the Table structure I have to paste it here.
Only Date(26-May-17) is given in the Excel and I’m trying to get Row and column numbers for that date.


So it has a calender dropdown, correct?

If you are able to click the date in excel using robot, then you might get the row and col.

I tried on my end and its selecting the whole calendar than just the date.


Date Picker was not working in Excel, every time I open my file date picker will point to right most corner !!
So I removed date picker and directly given the date (No dropdown is used).