Fetch a particular value from a json and fill into another api task

hey all thank u u helped me a lot. Now i´m facing new problems.

So maybe u can help me to solve this in a direct way.

My process includes already an api integration.

First of all. I recieve SMS from my online provider after that I have to proceed an HTML request to activate that SMS Message. It looks like this:


In my first steps i request my phonenumber and the SMS Code. SMS Code gets provided BUT i have to activate the SMS with the mentioned API call. So that is my main Issue that I have to confirm the activation of the sms.

I recieve my data like this:

“activationId”: “1627718633”,
“serviceCode”: “ot”,
“phoneNumber”: “37066834594”,
“activationCost”: “15.00”,
“activationStatus”: “4”,
“smsCode”: null,
“smsText”: null,
“activationTime”: “2023-08-01 00:16:20”,
“discount”: “0”,
“repeated”: “0”,
“countryCode”: “44”,
“countryName”: “Lithuania”,
“canGetAnotherSms”: “1”

So my question is how can i automatically use the “activationId”: “1627718633” in my following api call (note of course the activation ID changes every task):


I need to source the activation code from mentioned above in api just mentioned as „I’d“ and unique identifier.

I relly appreciate ur help a lot.

Is your question about JSON retrieval or URL construction

For the URL Construction give a try at:

String.Format( "https://api.sms-activate.org/stubs/handler_api.php?api_key={0}&action=setStatus&status={1}&id***={2}***&forward={3}, apikeyVar, statusVar, idVar, forwardVar)

Also explore the HTTP Request Activity and the details for:
And so on resulting to:

HEy PEter,

let me explain it with my process:

I already created the API implementation.

From this two html requests i recieve my phonenumber and my SMS. I get provided the activationID as well in JSON.

Next step is that i need an additional HTML request. What is no problem at all. My only problem is i that the activation id is unique and gets delivered in my second HTML request. What i dont know is how to extract it and get in in my next html request wich looks like the follow. All inputs are clear but how can i get the Activation ID to my next request.


parse the JSON from first request and retireve the activation id:

  • Deserialize JSON - myJObject
  • Assign - myID = myJObject( “activeActivations”)(0)(" activationId").Value(Of String)

Then use the variable within the next call as mentioned above