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Hi Forum Users,

Last year, we announced an integration between UiPath Marketplace and UiPath Assistant. It gives Assistant users easy access to ready-to-go automations from the Marketplace to help with everyday tasks like taking a screenshot or connecting to a Zoom meeting.

Since then, we’ve developed (and continue developing!) dozens of ready-to-go automations that end users can instantly run from Assistant. The Center of Excellence can also download ready-to-go automations from UiPath Marketplace, customize them for enterprise needs, and deploy across the organization.
With our ready-to-go automations you can easily block off time in the calendar, set up an out of office message, extract data from a document, or even get the latest cryptocurrency stats. :wink:

Besides, we’ve created an Attended Framework that helps developers build attended automations that users will love. All ready-to-go automations from UiPath are developed with this new framework.

Now it’s time to learn more about your experience with ready-to-go automations:

  • Is your organization using ready-to-go automations? Which of them?
  • How do you like ready-to-go automations?
  • Is your experience smooth and intuitive enough?
  • Which ready-to-go automations would you like to see in the future?
  • Have you thought of creating a ready-to-go automation yourself?

Your feedback will help us improve your experience with ready-to-go automations and create more useful automations to assist your company with daily tasks. See you in the comments :arrow_down:


When I first started learning RPA, my goal was to initially build this kind of automation, not only for my work, but I could sell them to other companies as well.

But I didn’t know they were available in the marketplace, so I might as well take a look

These ready to go automations are nice addition to the assistant making it more useful for a user. Integration with the marketplace is neat since a user can quickly browse and check if there is something they can leverage from the marketplace rather than developing from scratch. some of the automations that I have used recently from this category are as below:

1- clean up my computer - I would suggest to the following options to extend the features:
* option to remove duplicate account passwords or at least generate a list of those.
* disk cleanup - this can be leveraged from default windows disk clean up utility.

2- Mute all notifications - I absolutely love this bot, kind of looking for it… there are so many notifications set up on my machine, this one is sure very helpful for me to turn the notification on \ off with just this one single bot.

3- Send personalized emails to multiple recipients - I like this idea, there are other paid tools out there in the general market… but it’s pretty easy to setup & send personalized invitation for inter company \ intra company meetups.

I do have a few ideas \ use cases that can fit as an attended automation… working on to publish them soon in the the marketplace.

Thanks @Sophia_Zhylych & uipath team for the attended framework & sample use cases.

Hi João,

Thanks for the feedback! There is a variety on ready-to-go automations on the Marketplace already and the list continues to grow :wink: Definitely take a look and let us know how you find these automations.

In case you want to create your own ready-to-go automation and expose it to thousands of business users globally, please follow the guidelines available here. In the future, we consider enabling monetization for ready-to-go automations directly from UiPath Marketplace, so stay tuned :slight_smile:


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Thank you, @pradeep-shukla, for such an extensive feedback! I’ll pass it to our product team.

Glad to hear you have new ideas for new ready-to-go automations, looking forward to seeing them soon on the Marketplace. Please follow these guidelines to make the process of creating and publishing your ready-to-go automations smooth. And let us know if you you have any questions or need help along the way.


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Hi @Sophia_Zhylych,

I found a few issues with some of the ready to go automations… how do you want me to report them…
1- Create a feedback post on the forum
2- Add a review comment on the marketplace
3- Send an email to

Please advise.

Hi @pradeep-shukla - you can send the message to me on UiPath Forum and I’ll pass the feedback to the respective team.