Feedback on UiPath Academy

I’m Simon - From Edinburgh where I live w/ my wife Lea. We’ve 2 adult children. One lives close by the other in Dubai
Once upon a time I was a mainframe PL/1 programmer (then C, then…). Now i train folk in project management & governance, particularly folk in PMO
Hey UI-Path folk - the academy entry and journey is truly awful - i’m sorry to start with a criticism and happy to help fix it but so many separate issues… (and lots of posts here “i joined forum cos I’m having troubl w/ academy”)
The first elements are kindergarten waste of time. Yet the software use bit that follows 100% omits concepts that are vital and won’t be known as they are your vocabulary.
When something relevant starts the presentation shows zero understanding of building a path for students on a learning journey - For example the reuse of sales assets is a mistake. The omission of the crucial elements to actually follow (eg Click On …) at the same time as suggesting “follow-along with this scenario” is a mistake. Plus the journey asks to load, for example chrome extensions that crash the academy (scorm?) flow in progress with subsequent needs to clear cache & cookies - Woowzer !


Hey Simon, we are super happy for your feedback as we don’t see it as criticism. Any feedback from you and our audience is good feedback for us.

If you can tell what is kindergarten level for you, I can help with recommending advanced automation topics on the spot. Any course of our RPA Developer Foundation and RPA Developer Advanced learning plans is pretty good to go with if you have programming background. These being supported by RPA Developer Continuous Learning.

Now, just to make sure I understand - Can you please explain the Sales aspect of the feedback? Adding screenshots would be a huge bonus for us.

The Clear cache aspect and the Scorm performance is something we are actually trying to get over it as we speak. Thanks for helping us prioritizing this.

I am available for anything you may find next, so please keep contributing on Forum.
We also do read all of the Course Surveys, so any feedback with these will translate in better learning experience to all of us.

Thank you and let’s keep the discussion going.