Feedback and Suggestions for Enhancing UiPath Document Understanding and AI Center

Dear UiPath,

My name is Azeem, and as a professional involved in numerous Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) projects, I have had the opportunity to work extensively with various IDP tools, including UiPath’s Document Understanding and AI Center.

I would like to share some feedback and encountered challenges, along with suggestions for potential enhancements:

  1. UiPath Document OCR:
  • Issue: Occasional errors in reading clear documents are present, with limited optimization options. While a fuzzy comparison is sometimes acceptable, accuracy is paramount in most cases.
  • Suggested Resolution: An improvement in OCR performance is necessary, as alternative IDP OCR tools have demonstrated superior accuracy, particularly with unclear documents.
  1. ML Document Classifier:
  • Issue: Misclassification of documents, even with a high confidence score, is a concern, especially when templates are similar for different classes.
  • Suggested Resolution: A review and enhancement of the classifier’s algorithm to distinguish between similar templates more effectively would be beneficial.
  1. ML Extractor:
  • Issue: The model misextracts values with patterns similar to the trained data, yet still assigns a high confidence level.
  • Suggested Resolution: An in-depth analysis and subsequent training approach refinement for the extractor model may help reduce these inaccuracies.

Furthermore, a significant consideration for us is the cost-efficiency of these tools. Our clients have highlighted alternative IDP solutions that offer more favorable pricing models, leading to decisions to migrate away from UiPath Document Understanding. The alternative IDP solution provides accurate results without additional charges for multiple models, only incurring costs per call.

To remain competitive and retain clients who are evaluating cost and performance, I strongly recommend that UiPath consider:

  • Restructuring the AI Center Pricing Model: Introduce a more scalable and flexible pricing strategy that accommodates the use of multiple models without prohibitive costs.

UiPath has always been a preferred solution for RPA in our projects, and it is our hope to continue utilizing UiPath’s suite of tools exclusively. We believe that addressing these points could significantly enhance the user experience and efficiency of UiPath’s IDP offerings.

We would greatly appreciate any documentation on best practices for Document Understanding to navigate multiple scenarios effectively.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your response and am available for a discussion at your earliest convenience.

Warm regards,