Fee search with several variables

Hello together!

In our bank we currently have the following problem:

We would like to have credit cards created by the robot. To do this, we let the operator give us the account model, the card type and the number of cards.
Now, however, there is a long list of different constellations.
My idea so far: For each fee code a single IF (of course very unattractive and not good to maintain).

Do you maybe have other ideas how to implement something like this?

Here is a small excerpt of the constellations, so that you can understand:


Many thanks in advance!

often long nested if/else evaluation can be more easy solved with a switch activity

In case of multiple conditions hast bo checked / on to react a following condition can be applied:

  • define a code
  • react on the code

Have a look here:

The code is already given.
The problem now is, the robot must enter the correct code, if the respective variables are given

hope you do not mix up the Gebührencode from your table with my “ControlResultCode” from the example (refer to the attached Link)