Features in trial version

hi all,
is it possible to do web scraping using trail version or i have to use community version

Yes you can do all kind of automation using UiPath trail version including web scraping.
You can renew the trail version here

CE is a fully functional edition of UiPath Studio/Robot. The differences between CE and Studio are

  • no support in CE (only forum)
  • CE robots can’t connect to the Orchestrator/Server

hey thanks… but if i create a solution in CE and that i want to deploy in server/orchestrator then how can i go for it…


  1. First you need to publish the project . click here

  2. Go to orchestrator and provision the robot where you will get Robot Key that need to be configure in the uirobot setting from the system try. click here

  3. Once done you deploy the package in process and run from the job tab. click here for more on orchestrator

PS: please go through the academy module to know more. :slight_smile:

Happy Automation