#FeatureBlog - 19.5 - Invoke Workflow rework

New features are exciting! :slight_smile: That is why we want to introduce you to the reworked Invoke Workflow File activity, part of the UiPath.System.Activities - v19.5.0 package, included in the 2019.5 release. Automation has just gotten easier!

What changed and why you should know about it?

As you know one of the biggest benefits that Studio has to offer is the option to divide your automation project into separate processes, which can be invoked as needed. In this way, projects are easier to manage as they may be built based on “modules”, similar to how you would work with PowerShell (Import-Module).

Invoke Workflow File activity before the update:


  • The image button provided the option to make changes to imported arguments.


  • The image button was used for importing arguments from the invoked file, and assigning custom values to each argument.


The Studio v2019.5 bundled with UiPath.System.Activities package v19.5.0 brought on a more seamless way of working with the Invoke Workflow File activity.

In order to make sure you always have your arguments linked between the Invoked workflow and the main workflow we added a few changes:

  • The image button was replaced by image. This is the biggest change here. Many of you (as I observed on the forum) were confused because everyone used to click on this button to edit imported arguments. Now after clicking it, it imports arguments. In other words, the functionality from the second button was transferred to this one. The Edit arguments function is still available, in the Properties pane.
  • We added a counter that shows LIVE how many arguments you have linked image. You will never be left with arguments that were not imported anymore. The counter will color Orange when there is a difference between the Invoked and the Main workflow. So you will always know to click that Import Arguments button.

image image

  • The image button was replaced by image. As the label says, it is used for opening the Invoked workflow with a click of a button. Before this latest update, the option was hidden deep in the activity’s context menu.
  • Last but not least, you now have an Auto-Match feature. If you have Arguments and Variables of the same Name and Data type, upon clicking Import arguments the first time, they will be automagically linked.

Please remember that you don’t need Studio v2019.5 to use the new Invoke Workflow File activity. Just simply update UiPath.System.Activities pack to version 19.5.0 :wink:

Known issue

Import Arguments button makes arguments values overwritten with default value from invoked workflow arguments. This makes usually the values empty. This issue will be fixed in next release.

That’s it for this #PreviewBlog

For more information, you can also check our documentation of this feature available here.

Please provide your valuable feedback about this feature! Our product team is hungry to build upon the basic functionalities so feed them your ideas :slight_smile:

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As always, thank you for reading and happy automating!