#FeatureBlog - 19.10 - Restarting a Job in Orchestrator

Quickly run a job from the ones having a final state while keeping the initial job configuration. The decision to modify the previous settings of the job lies in your hands.

Let’s begin

This procedure starts from the presumption that you previously started a job that already reached a final status.

  1. Go to Jobs page under Monitoring section.

  2. Select any job with a final state – Stopped , Faulted or Successful and click the corresponding More Actions button.

  3. And then click Restart.

  4. The Start Job window is displayed, with the job’s initial settings. If you want you can Make any desired changes in the Execution Target and Parameters tabs but you can’t change the job’s previously selected process.

  5. Click Start . The Start Jobs window closes and the execution starts. The status of each job is displayed, in real-time, in the Jobs page.

You can find more about this topic in below thread.


Nice info @lakshman
I will book mark it and spread it once needed.




Thanks for your valuable feedback :grinning:


Nice feature! Will the Jobs Table in SQL server also display whether a certain Job was restarted (like ‘Retried’ for QueueItems)?



It won’t show restarted and will show status based on Job results like Success, Faulted etc…


hi @lakshman , can you please share the workflow file for this.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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It’s not related to particular process. Publish any developed process from studio and follow above mentioned steps.

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I see. You are showing the tutorial of how to restart the job manually as the New Feature of 19.10.

Not the workflow of how you design to auto restart the failed job. :smiley:

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Yes, it’s tutorial.

i am start a job in orchestrator ,but he not starting a job . he give faulted error. what can i do?


Welcome to our UiPath community.

Is your robot machine connected with Orchestrator ? And also May I know what type of BOT license are you using here ?