#FeatureBlog - 18.3 - Robot Tray improvements

With the new release we added a little more flexibility to our Robot tray… literally. Now it is resizable, moveable and much more. It received many small improvements meant to do Front Office users life easier, because you know: it’s the little things that matter most. Let’s take it one by one:

Settings menu from the icon


From now on, you can fastly find the settings menu just by right-clicking the tray icon. So you can reach the settings much faster now. Or quit. Or logs. You get the idea

Moveable and resizable

As stated before, we added some flexibility to the widget. You can resize it and move it all over the screen starting with this release.

Search for projects

We added search functionality so that you will not have to browse through numerous processes again.


Like we did in Studio, we added new languages for the Robot Tray as well. You can change the language for both Studio and Robot from here. Same applies to the option in Studio which changes the language for Robot as well.

Persist Orchestrator connection(s)

Gone are the days in which you had to go to the Orchestrator every time you wanted to reconnect the Robot to it. Now, the settings are saved and can be accessed through the drop-down. Also, it can save the settings for more than one Orchestrator instance.

We hope you like the improved Robot Tray and that it will help you find and run your processes much faster. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


This is awesome! Especially for project searching.

Any chance that the Orchestrator connection drop down can also include the name of the tenant? For us, we have multiple tenants, with the same Orchestrator URL.

Hi Tim,

No matter the tenants name, when connecting the Robot to Orchestrator (from Robot Settings) you have to provide the Orchestrator URL (regardless of the tenant) and Machine key.
So if you have 2 different Orchestrators (like orchestrator.ovi.com and orch.ovi.com) you can connect your Robot to both of them (not in the same time) based on your needs. So that dropdown will have those options for you.

Please let me know if I misunderstood your suggestion.

Got it. Thank you, Ovi.