#FeatureBlog - 18.3 - Library (Reusable components)

I have a reusable sequence where the final activity will declare a connection string as a variable to an Oracle database - is it possible to get this variable out of the reusable component when using it in other processes?

Hi @ksitomer

It is. All you have to do is to assign it as an out argument :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I am wondering if you have any update on “Use Highest Applicable Version” regarding libraries. It would be great if we could skip deleting nupkg file from the local feed on all robots after publishing a new version to orchestrator in order to force all processes to use the latest version.

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i am trying to figure out what’s the best choice for UI Automation components Reusability/Shareability (e.g. SAP>Login/Logout, Salesforce>Login/Logout etc.) ?

  • Shared Directory of Workflows where will have the reusable flows (.xamls) per Application and inject them in every solution with Invoke Workflow activity with reference to this directory
  • Library usage by packaging those Workflows and publishing to Orchestrator

Which do you think it’s the most robust and flexible way to ensure shareability of my components/dependencies latest version in all the Deployed solutions?

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Hi @Anastasios

The Libraries were designed to produce pieces of automation to be reused across other projects by the mean of simply installing them as a dependency via the Package Manager.

I would imagine that this is the most comfortable way of sharing these pieces of code across multiple Studios connected to the same Orchestrator.

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@loginerror Is there any update regarding “Use Highest Applicable Version”?

It is on the roadmap, but I’m not sure any deadlines are ready to be shared. Feel free to join the Insider’s portal which might be a place to find out more :slight_smile:


@loginerror @ovi @badita I have a Question and a problem that i wanted to Solve, While Creating a Library can we create an argument that Accepts Only a List Of Values Supplied to it, Like the Buttons Option in Message Box Activity which has ok, okCancel, YesNo. So that when used this Library as an Activity in some other process only those Predefined values can be Selected? I don’t know if this is a Stupid Question though, It looked interesting to me :sweat_smile:

I believe it is not yet possible, but should be in the future :slight_smile:

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@loginerror Ok, Thank you. :smile:

Can we create drop-down list as Input Property
Using Library approach to reusable components

Hello team,
There is something in the slow library when the library passes between the invocation. own libraries always require a lot of time and it are a serious problem.

Thank you very much

Hi @javier.ortega

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Could you tell us more about your issue? If you feel like it, you can do so directly from UiPath Studio, like so:

Do not hesitate to attach an example of your project this way and/or logs, as it will help our team to study the issue in detail.

Hi team,
We opened a ticket a month ago (00367263_Invoke workflow takes too long with custom libraries), the problem was that the library itself takes a long time between calls, you have the ticket number to continue with the problem and you can help us. At the moment, processes take longer than humans and we have serious problems with our clients.


Hello, can you help me about this?


I am new to this, learning on my own and I just ran into this same issue. As the original post was two years ago, someone happened upon the solution, I trust, and can share?

@loginerror @ovi @badita How I can set Continue on Error property into my library?

Hi @javier.ortega,
Did you ever get this issue resolved? We are facing the same issue, where custom libraries are taking app. 6 seconds longer to open and execute each time.