Feature Request: Differentiate Job Start Source (Schedule, Manual, REST API)

Currently in Orchestrator (2016.2.6393) on the Jobs screen, all manually triggered (through Orchestrator Browser UI) and REST API Triggered robots both show up as Manual (vs Scheduled for the Orchestrator Scheduler).

It would be helpful in our implementation to have a differentiation between REST API and manually triggered robots visible on the Jobs screen.

Hello @JOrdinas

Thank you for your feedback, I have forwarded it internally.
Just to provide you with a bit more context: please note that the Orchestrator WebUI itself depends on the REST API to manually trigger jobs, meaning that, as of now, the two use cases you are describing appear as the same access type.
We will look into the benefits of dissociating them and make a design decision based on our findings.
Thank you again, and please do not hesitate if you have further questions.

Thank you for the explanation. Architecturally the set up makes sense – I am sure that leveraging the API for the WebUI also simplifies
the testing.

I am obviously not intimately familiar with the internals of the implementation, but somehow I do not think that disassociating the two would be necessary as
you suggest. In my view the source should be tagged in the API call, recorded and then displayed – I assume there are different headers in the call such as User Agents, which could be used to uniquely identify the caller.

Hello All,
I am fully interrested to be able to make the difference between manual started and scheduled started worflows. Does anyone can say me if the beta version to come contains this feature ? Or if any way of findnig this information is possible ?
Many thanks in advance.

could someone please check this issue:

Thanks in advance!!!