Feature Request : Add launch data to Orchestrator Jobs list

Good afternoon, colleagues!
I see it is correct to add an additional column to the Orchestrator Jobs tab for the business status of the process.
Because at the moment, Success, Failed and other statuses show the technical status of the launch, and to see the correctness of business logic you need to go into the logs of the process, which takes time and is not convenient.
Thank you!

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That can be an interesting and useful feature to have. I remember once creating a customized report from queue items to get the desired columns for sharing insights with the team. Having that in orchestrator itself would be great. provision for adding and removing columns to have the desired view would be a great feature

Just a thought.
You don’t necessarily need to go to logs for checking the business exceptions, you can see the details of the transactions, for that, we need to add the fail message while updating the status of a transaction to “Failed”.

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Of course, that would work. But if process does not have transaction items it would not help.

I think it would be a quite useful feature.

Related to that but not exaclty the same, I think it could be useful to have a “latest” column into the orchestrator that shows the latest log text, workflow or activity executed by the process. I know this is done by other tools and I find it very useful for monitoring.

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I completely agree with you!
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What do you think about this feature request?


Hello Andrii,
in my opinion the business status of a process is very difficult to determine. It depends on the automated process and its design. Furthermore it depends on the applications involved and their procedures, e.g. are they transaction based, asynchronous or synchronous etc. We have to decide for ourselves when the time comes and send an appropriate signal to the orchestration. However, this also does not open up the sense of such information to me. Do you have a process example that you can use to illustrate this?
Best regards

I completely agree with you that to create a universal algorithm to determine the success of business logic of the process is close to impossible, because it is impossible to predict every business process.
I’m talking just about adding activites that would send the process work status (Successful, Unsuccessful). Using this activities, the developer will be able to determine which process branches are not successful from a business point of logic, and the operator in the orchestrator will be able to see the status of business logic.

Thank you for your suggestions and the discussion everyone :slight_smile:

I am not sure where our Orchestrator team stands on including business logic in this scenario, but I’ve saved this discussion in our internal tracker so that they can consider it in the future.