Feature Request : Add custom metrics to Job row

While working with the projects from different spheres, I saw the need to derive certain metrics for each Job in Orchestrator.
These metrics can be: the technical characteristics of the machine on which the process works, the percentage of processed transactions, purely specific errors and others.
These metrics are often displayed in a separate application (Grafana and similar), but bring them currently to the Job row itself and add an online update of these metrics - looks like a great idea!
Thus by looking at the list of processing Jobs customer can immediately understand what is the current state of affairs.

Also, since this metrics is information, you can add a think tank for it, similar to Orchestrator Insights.
What do you think about this idea? Are there already such ideas and developments?

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Hi @Voinalovych_Andrii

Could you provide some examples of such metrics, maybe based on one (or more) specific use cases?