Feature Recommendation - Variable "Argument Type" Favorites List?

It would be nice if the Variable “Argument Type” had the ability to have a maintainable favorites list of argument types at least for the stuff in System.#and mscorlib.#. And it would be nice if this was GLOBAL vs project specific.

It would make for less clicking/searching at times.

@riverrat437 thanks for the feedback. Can you please share your usecase? Why do you need extra namespaces in your projects, and what are those.

Actually … rephrasing this a bit.

Please add “UiPath.Core.Browser” and “UiPath.Core.Window” to the list of default argument/variable type select values.

Why ? Because the UIPath recommended best practice is to pass around browser/window variable(s) when doing UI automation. Having the browser and window “types” in the selection list makes using that best practice easier on the developer saving time having to “look” for the appropriate type when using Attach Window and Attach Browser when you are working in a new workflow creating new variable/arguments.