Feature Hyperlinks with BalaReva.Excel.Activities

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(This is my first post, I’m not sure to write at the right place)

I’m trying to go a litlle deeper with the Feature “Insert Hyperlink” from BalaReva.Excel.Activities.

Do you know if it’s possible to edit a propertie to edit the value “Info bulle” (See the following screenshot of a window that is displayed when you add an hyperlink on Excel).

Thanks in advance !

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Hello! The publisher has a dedicated topic here for supporting this package: UiPathGo - BalaReva Excel Activities
In case you don’t have an answer here, please post it there or post this question on the listing’s page. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @q-z .

Hi @Remi_Coquet ,

The insert hyperlink only to add the hyperlink which is in the below screenshot.



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So it’s not possible to clic on the “ScreenTip…” button and edit it ?

Do you think it will be a feature that can be added in the future or not at all ?

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