Fastest way to visualize data from Data Service in charts displayed in UiPath Apps


I’m interested in a fast solution that will allow me to create multiple types of charts by using directly data from Data Service and then to display these charts in UiPath Apps.

Is there a package that can be used? Or has anyone tried to integrate 3rd parties to create charts fast (e.g. Google Data Studio)?

Thank you!


We have created using Power BI. You can use power PI to generate complex report and show it using iframe control into apps.


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You can use Power BI for huge data,
Also, you can use a pivot table by creating a table on specific cells and creating a chart for this table, Or use this component from the marketplace:


Can you please detail how did you manage to link Data Service in Power BI?

Thanks for your constant support :slight_smile:

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Try this rest API and call api into power BI

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