Fastest way to copy sheet with large number of row and columns full of formulas?

Hi guys,

I am having a hard time copying a single sheet composed of:

Columns: 617
Rows: 2300

The challenge I am having is it must copy the whole sheet to another workbook full of sheets with lots of formulas as well. It’s taking a lot of time sometimes reaching over an hour.


Try to make as a database connection

For reference check below

Hope this helps you


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Hi @Srini84,

Thank you for helping. The requirement is to have that particular sheet to be copied to another workbook they are using, this workbook where the sheet was copied to is being used as well for other purposes.

Hi @iamthejuan,

Can you please tell how many formulas are their , if the no. is not more you can just read the sheet and then the formulas by read cell formula activity and then write the sheet to other workbook and write the formula their as well as put a auto fill range , this thing even works when there are 100k rows.