Faster Way to Set Color In Excell to Handle Much Data

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First Sorry for my bad English.
I have question. first i have datatable more than 3000, i have to check/validate each data using foreach. and set color to each row if that row doesnt match the validation sequence.
i have no problem in this except the time spent by robot took more time if i check much data.

My question is how if in foreach validation i add datatable who become flag in which row i have to set color the cell and foreach later to set the color. or directly set color each data or row doesnt match the validation sequence?

If any other idea please welcome to comment :slight_smile:

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As per my understanding, if you get the index of that particular row, you can set the color for that particular row right? You can get the index from the for each activity output property @aliaga

In case of time, as you are looping through all the data, we can’t reduce time in that scenario

Dear @HareeshMR,

Thankyou for your response, but i know it best way to do it. but im looking for if any other idea more better or faster than it. if anyone have same idea with us maybe ill make the flow using one of them.

Hi @aliaga,

In my opinion, Invoke VBA is faster than For each and set color by UiPath Activity.

Hi @Natapong,

I never use this method so i have no idea, please could you explain it to me for more detail?


Hi @aliaga

Input invoke VBA into Excel Application Scope and call .Vbs to colour your Excel.

Could you please refer as below for guideline (20.2 KB)

Dear @Natapong,

Thankyou about your response, but sorry i cant open your workflow
Note :
My Uipath Version 2018 4.3


Hi @aliaga

I downgrade activity in my workflow to support your studio version
Please try to open again. (18.0 KB)

did this work ?