Fasing Error ON UI Assistant

Hii Everyone,

Can you please help me for when i create a machine 1 and i am deploy this machine 2 using standard machine so is these possible on free membership or not.

I am facing the the error on my ui assistant

On the free membership of UiPath, the feature of creating and deploying machines to other machines is not available. The free membership of UiPath, also known as the Community Edition, is limited in terms of certain features and capabilities compared to the paid versions.

To create and deploy machines to other machines using the standard machine concept in UiPath, you would typically require a licensed version of UiPath Orchestrator, which is part of the UiPath Automation Cloud or the on-premises UiPath Orchestrator.

If you are encountering an error in your UiPath Assistant while trying to create or deploy machines, it could be due to the limitations of the free membership. It is recommended to review the features and limitations of your current UiPath subscription or contact UiPath support for further assistance in resolving the specific error you are facing.