Fake name generator

Hi @nadim.warsi in this fake name generator i need to append only 10 countries from male details and 10 countries from female details but it iterating through all Countries(30).

fakenamegenerator.zip (521.6 KB)

but have already done that using the filter right?
I have shown you to get only top 10 and sort them. use the same logic

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If i use .Take(10) it is running in single sequence , when im trying to use it in RE frame work .take function is not running.Please run the zip file which i have attached you . so u can undersand clearly.

Is it possible to get 10 names in process of re frame work??

I dont have access to the fake name generator site :slight_smile: its blocked for me

Is any chances to change in Get transaction data?? To get only 10 country names?

Hi @nadim.warsi can we make any changes to get only 10 names in Process of RE Frame work?

Like i explained, you can get the top 10 of the list and create a fresh list from it and then use it

Sorry ,But item is Object , it is not converting into Array of string or String ?? to use in Get transaction Data?? @nadim.warsi

Ok, let me check you process

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