Fake Name Generator for 20 Different countries

Hi @KarthikByggari in this fake name generator i need to append only 10 countries from male details and 10 countries from female details but it iterating through all Countries(30). Fake_Name_Generator.zip (1010.0 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Because you are looping thru each country in the Get Transaction Item and the condition is repeat the process until less than or equal to countries list.

So, in the Get Transaction Data, keep a counter. Once the counter reaches 10, assign transaction item to null. So the process go to End process.

Karthik Byggari

I have use the counter in get transaction karthik but still I’m unable to get

In the For loop,

You have this condition if [in_TransactionNumber<=in_CountryDetails.Count]

Inside this condition, add one more condition [once the counter reaches 10, exit for loop]

if [in_TransactionNumber == 10]
Assign TransactionItem to null,
break activity to exit for loop

Karthik Byggari

I have done it but I’m getting few errors @KarthikByggari . Can you Please send me that workflow?


Hai @KarthikByggari

I will send.

Sent you DM.
Fixed the issue in Setting the transaction status
and added a condition to consider only 10 countries.

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Thank you so much @KarthikByggari

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